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At the beginning of September, the Brittany Region, through its BREIZH FAB entity, started a 3-day support on welding processes and methods in our workshops.
A twofold interest for our operators of the robotic welding island: to gain skills and autonomy.
Initially, our employees received an expert welder, who presented a general theoretical training to upgrade the profession. Secondly, on a practical level, the expert presented an audit of the parts produced with tests on identified problems as well as new production methodologies.

If learning new methods and updating knowledge was the main subject, this support is also a means of creating a technical reference base for welding. The purpose of this shared repository is to classify, secure, evaluate and inform all the stages of the welding process. Its objective is to improve the quality of products and adapt to customer demands. 

Ultimately, it is a tool that will support and train future MMO welders.

Our employees have benefited from a real increase in skills. The teams do not intend to stop there since by the end of the year it is the painting processes that will be examined.

Project supported by the Brittany Region.

Welding news