About our


MMO Medical, French manufacturer of hospital beds

Residents, patients and nursing staff at the heart of what we do


MMO is aware of the many challenges facing nursing staff. Our mission is to offer comprehensive support solutions, meeting the specific expectations of each individual involved. MMO solutions incorporate high-quality products, that are easy to use and maintain.

To achieve this, our teams focus on the end use of the products and work as closely as possible with users. This constant attention to detail enables us to meet requirements in terms of reliability, standards and regulations in the health sector.


Solutions fulfilling a dual purpose

Independence and recovery

Improving the quality of life of residents and maintaining their independence (nursing homes, long-term care units, people living with disabilities)

Improving the quality of care of patients and promoting recovery (hospitals, psychiatric wards, aftercare and rehabilitation, long-term care)

Innovative solutions

For health
and social care

Reducing the risk of falls

Ensuring patient safety during the night

Mobilising patients safely

Assisting patients in getting out of bed
Promoting accessibility to care
Adapting to the needs of each patient
Promoting patient independence

Ensuring that patients are positioned comfortably

Avoiding friction and shearing
Facilitating feeding
Facilitating mobility in and out of bed

Humanising and preserving the dignity of patients

Optimising comfort
Improving the patient’s psychological well-being
Facilitating mobility in and out of bed

Ensuring consistency of care

Helping the consistent deployment of care protocols
Reducing the need for staff training
Reducing the time and cost of bed maintenance

Reducing the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)

Enabling nursing staff to work ergonomically
Reducing the risk of lower back pain

Facilitating cleaning

Optimising maintenance