Hospital beds and furniture

Short-term care room

Short-term care room with MMO5000 hospital bed

Supporting patients’ rehabilitation and recovery

The challenges of patient care in health care facilities are manifold.

MMO beds offer concrete and effective solutions for fall prevention, bariatric patient care, recovery and mobility. In addition, they provide real support in the deployment of care protocols and help to reduce the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) for nursing staff.

As part of our full ranges of bedroom furniture, they provide a more pleasant and secure environment. This way, you can completely furnish a short-term care room.

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Ultra-low bed for overweight residents

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Overbed table range


Ensuring consistency of care

The MMO standardised bed platform meets the multiple needs of residential care facilities. Its use ensures consistent deployment of care protocols, reduces the need for staff training and reduces the time and cost of bed maintenance.

MMO Medical hospital beds platform


This function allows the height of the bed to be memorised according to the needs of the resident, in order to help them get out of bed safely and to promote independence.

This function allows you to program a safe, ergonomic exit adapted to each patient.

These positions are clinically beneficial. They improve the patient’s well-being, allow for improved pulmonary ventilation and a better distribution of support points.

The 23cm adjustment range avoids complications resulting from friction and compression of internal organs in the abdominal region.

This is operated by one of 2 ergonomic handles located on the upper part of the backrest. The descent is cushioned to prevent the backrest from falling suddenly.

MMO beds have an accessible, ergonomic braking solution that can be operated at any height of the bed. In addition, braking is automatic in the low position, thus ensuring optimal safety.

The control systems are multiple, intuitive and allow all the electrical functions of the bed to be controlled.

  1. Based on the number of functions shared across the MMO bed range.
  2. Based on the number of components shared by the main sub-assemblies of the MMO bed range: backrest, upper leg section, bed base, frame, bed rails (excluding accessories).