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Based on our experience and long-standing relationships with professionals working within all types of facilities, we have developed a new comprehensive service offering, from pre-sales audits to product recycling. With a constant focus on how patients, residents and nursing staff use our products, our product range has been designed to provide comprehensive support for our customers.


We offer financial audits of existing equipment with an analysis of the direct and indirect costs borne by the facilities concerned, enabling investment budgets to be reduced in favour of operating budgets. Our scalable solutions promote cost control through continuous monitoring of the fleet and offer the possibility of managing heterogeneous fleets after a preliminary audit.


We pride ourselves on providing a quality service, consistent with our environmental policy: meeting delivery deadlines, careful and professional installation, recycling of packaging, etc.


MMO’s declared objective is to support all nursing staff in their work. In this context, our sales team provides demonstrations and training to all users of our equipment.


Every bed manufactured at MMO is serialised and referenced to optimise service and maintenance. This method allows us to manage the fleet in the best way possible and to anticipate its evolution. A systematic analysis of after-sales service operations allows us to detect and intervene very quickly in the event of an anomaly. It is also a way of communicating with nursing staff about good practice. The implementation of fleet management software allows the end customer to connect and manage their fleet of beds and equipment directly with our services.


Our after-sales service has a stock of spare parts for all our products. Quotes are drawn up within 48 hours and parts are sent between 1 and 5 working days after confirmation. MMO offers a full range of services dedicated to the maintenance of its products: preventive and curative maintenance with experienced technicians.
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MMO recycles old equipment by handing it over to waste recovery companies. The recycling rate of our finished products is 64%, increasing by 4% per year. Waste is recycled at 98%, with a short-term target of 100%. The main focus is on the chemical materials used in bed batteries.