Ultra-low electric safety bed

The SANA 1500 is an electrically operated, height-adjustable ultra-low bed designed for use with agitated patients.

Its very low height combined with unique features adapted to a complex environment make it safer and more ergonomic to use for both patients and nursing staff.

It has no removable parts, its cables are partially invisible and the functions are controlled via an infrared link.

The bed is available with a floor-mounted or multi-directional base.

Benefits for patients/nursing staff

Reduces the risk
of falls

• Ultra-low height of 19 cm with automatic braking.
• Bed exit height can be memorised and adapted to each patient.

Advantage of the MMO bed - Positions patients comfortably

Positions and mobilises patients easily and comfortably

• Avoids friction and shearing.
• Facilitates feeding.
• Facilitates mobility in and out of bed.

Advantage of the MMO bed - Consistency of care

Ensures consistency
of care

• Helps the consistent deployment of care protocols within institutions
• Reduces the need for staff training

Technical specifications


Paire de dossiers modèle Club, tête et pied. Coloris au choix.


Jeu de barrières 3/4 métalliques pliantes.


Piétement fixation au sol à l'arrière. 2 roulettes unidirectionnelles en tête.

Plan de couchage

Plan de couchage compact HPL d'ép. 6 mm, en 4 parties fixe.


Remise à plat de secours du relève-buste.


Structure en acier tubulaire soudé.

Additional information


Psychiatric Care



Dimensions plan de couchage

L 200 x l 90 cm

Dimensions totales

L 219 x l 99,8 cm


19 / 81 cm

Proclive / Déclive

+14° / -14°

Angles d'inclinaison

Relève buste : 70°
Relève jambes : 20°
Plicature genoux : 30°

Poids du lit

120 kg

Charge de sécurité

250 kg

Poids patient max

215 kg


• Club endboards. Choice of colours.
• Set of wooden side rails.
2 unidirectional castors, diameter: 100 mm, at head and 2 floor-mounted feet at foot.
• Infrared handset.
• Compact HPL lying surface, thickness: 6 mm, in 4 removable parts.
• Emergency backrest lowering handles (CPR) at both sides.
• Electrically adjustable height.
• Electric backrest with 23 cm adjustment range.
• Electrically operated legrest and 6-position, manual ratchet-operated shinrest.

• Adjustable height

• Backrest

• Legrest

• Comfort/armchair

• Trendelenburg/Anti-Trendelenburg positions

• Electrical CPR

• Customisable adjustable height function

• Bed exit function

• Night light function

• Set of padded covers for 3/4 collapsible metal bed rails
• Single lifting pole with adjustable handle
• Single lifting pole with handle on adjustable height strap

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