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The MMO8000 is designed to meet the specific management needs of obese patients.


• The bed is highly manoeuvrable due to the rolling system
• Removable headboards to facilitate care
• Compatibility with patient lifts


• Significant extent of electrically adjustable height
• Electric Forward sloping/Downward sloping that facilitates repositioning


• Standardised bed platform to meet the diverse needs of any facility
• Help deploy care protocols consistently throughout the facility
• Reduce user training needs
• Reduce time and cost of bed maintenance and repair

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Position patients comfortably

The MMO8000 bed has all the electrical functions that are essential for patient recovery and the working ergonomics of the healthcare personnel.

Prevent shear, friction and compression when mobilising the patient

Unique to the MMO bed platform, the elliptical backrest movement accommodates the natural curvature of the spine when sitting the patient in bed and compensates for the upward movement of the backrest.

  • Combined with autocontour, prevents patient migration towards the foot of the bed, heel travel and associated shear and friction.
  • The backrest will rise no more than 45°, preventing abdominal compression.

The bed is systematically equipped with an electric backrest for patient transfers, an electric knee folding system, an electric forward sloping / downward sloping system and a wide range electrically adjustable height system with memorisation of the exit position:

  • Electric backrest lifts
  • Electric Forward sloping / Downward sloping

Mobility and Accessibility

The MMO8000 is available in three bed widths and can be equipped with a length extension to adapt to the morphology of each patient and thereby provide comfort.

According to the recommendations of the French Health Authorities, facilities that care for obese patients should have mobile adapted hospital equipment.

Among these are:

  • Beds with reinforced bases with a minimum admissible load of 250 kg (320 kg in follow-up and rehabilitation care) and a minimum width of 90 cm, ideally from 120 to 140 cm.
  • Mattresses with a minimum admissible load of 250 kg.


The dimensions of the room should enable the movement of persons and equipment.

Three bed widths

Secure the resident's bedding

Secure the resident’s bedding and mobilisation

The MMO8000 is equipped with 4-bar ¾ folding rails.

With a minimum height of 21cm, the patient patient is secure.

The appropriate height can be memorised for each patient, ensuring the optimal position for safe egress and to facilitate training for discharge.

Additional safety

To further ensure a safe patient environment, the MMO8000 bed:

  • Alerts when the bed is reaching its lowest position to signal any risks of interference with adjacent objects
  • Provides a night light to illuminate the bed’s immediate surroundings and help prevent the patient from tripping over potential hazards.
  • Provides an electrical CPR position to quickly flatten the bed during emergencies

The simple functionality of the MMO platform helps caregivers save time and effort.

The 8 casters distribute the weight of the bed, reducing effort needed to put the bed in motion for transport or housekeeping

One handed operation of side rails.

All bed surfaces are accessible for easy cleaning and disinfection.

The MMO8000 bed is also available with wooden side-rails: the “hospitality“ version. This cozy style is popular with residents and reassures visiting families.

Additional information

Safe working load

340 kg

Bed dimensions

110, 120 ou 130 cm x 214 cm

Sleep deck dimensions

100, 110 ou 120 cm x 200 cm

Sleep deck

4 sections with removable panels (thickness 12mm)

Variable height


Low - high position (Ø100 mm casters)

21 cm – 83 cm

Electric backrest with elliptical autoregression


Electric thigh section


Foot section


Electric Trendelenburg

+/- 14°



Remote control

Hand pendant control 5 functions (selective lock)

Side rails

Folding removable metal side-rails 4 bars

Manual CPR handles


Corner bumpers and accessory holders


Sockets for lifting poles


Patient restraint attachment points



8x Ø100 mm with central braking

Head and foot boards

Model Arcade

Automatic backrest pause

30° and 45°

Automatic chair position


Automatic braking in low position


Bed height memorisation


Bed low position alert


Assurer la cohérence des soins

Ce lit partage une plateforme commune avec la gamme de lits médicalisés MMO pour répondre à tous les besoins des établissements de santé en matière de prévention des chutes et de mobilisation des patients.




*Basé sur le nombre de fonctions partagées à travers la gamme de lits MMO.
**Basé sur le nombre de composants partagés par les principaux sous-ensembles de la gamme de lits MMO : relève-buste, relève-cuisses, sommier, piétement, barrières (sont exclus les accessoires).

Stratifiés – mélaminés, Teintes bois, Tissus enduits, Peinture époxy.
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