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The MMO6000 bed helps you mobilise patients comfortably and easily to facilitate safe, consistent recovery and rehabilitation


• Progress patients to a full chair position
• Enable early and frequent bed egress
• Reduce the risk of falls
• Adapt to individual patient’s needs


• Avoid shear and friction
• Facilitate feeding


• Standardised bed platform to meet the diverse needs of any facility
• Help deploy care protocols consistently throughout the facility
• Reduce user training needs
• Reduce time and cost of bed maintenance and repair

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Mobilise Patients Safely to a Seating Position

It is well documented that early mobilisation and out-of-bed activity will improve patients’ outcomes. The MMO6000 bed assists caregivers to mobilise patients as safely as possible from seating to standing.

The MMO6000 bed’s intelligent design helps caregivers progress patients safely through the key stages of mobilisation. In the very early stages of recovery, the patient can be easily and safely mobilised to a fully seated position. The earlier this is achieved the earlier patients will stand, then walk.

When raised, the backrest will automatically pause at 30° and 45° elevation, two clinically beneficial positions:

  • They enhance the respiratory function, help prevent HAIs and improve patient well-being.
  • Caregivers can achieve these positions easily


  1. When using the automatic chair position, the backrest will rise no more than 45°, ensuring the most comfortable position for the patient to be sat upright for enhanced pulmonary and cardiovascular mechanics.
  2. The patient can smoothly progress to the “inner chair” position.
    This stage of mobilisation is a key part of recovery and helps prepare the patient for standing and walking.

Mobilise Patients Safely to a Standing Position

The MMO6000 bed assists patients to stand as early as possible in order to speed up recovery.
  1. From the inner chair position, the MMO6000 bed gently lowers the bed forward until the patient’s feet are safely on the floor. This allows initial weight bearing while the split side rails provide a secure hand grip to the patient.
  2. The bed’s electrical height adjustment allows safe assisted standing. The split side rail design will follow the patient until the standing position is achieved.

Mobilise Patients Safely – According to Each Patient’s Individual Needs

The MMO6000 bed’s unique positioning capabilities facilitate different approaches to safely mobilise patients.

Split side rails provide a secure mobilisation aide for patients to pivot to the side of the bed and egress and ingress. The unique “Soft Touch” covering on the side rails enhances the patient’s grip and reduces the risk of slipping.

  1. The inner chair position also helps mobilise patients laterally by facilitating patient pivoting and side sitting.
  2. The inner chair position is particularly well suited to facilitate safe patient transfer to an armchair or wheelchair.
  3. Once patients are able to mobilise independently, the MMO6000 bed can be used like any standard medical bed. The appropriate height can be memorised for each patient, ensuring the optimal position for safe egress and to facilitate training for discharge. The low position of 31cm accommodates smaller patients and reduces the risk of injury should the patient fall.

Prevent shear, friction and compression when mobilising the patient

Unique to the MMO bed platform, the elliptical backrest movement accommodates the natural curvature of the spine when sitting the patient in bed and compensates for the upward movement of the backrest.

  • Combined with autocontour, prevents patient migration towards the foot of the bed, heel travel and associated shear and friction.
  • The backrest will rise no more than 45°, preventing abdominal compression.

The simple functionality of the MMO platform helps caregivers save time and effort.

The 8 casters distribute the weight of the bed, reducing effort needed to put the bed in motion for transport or housekeeping

One handed operation of end boards.

One handed operation of side rails.

The open side rail design reduces the surface area at risk of contamination and facilitates cleaning.

The MMO6000 bed can be equipped with a choice of wooden end boards for a more hotel design.

Additional information

Safe working load

250 kg

Bed dimensions

99.8 cm x 214 cm

Sleep deck dimensions

90 cm x 200 cm

Sleep deck

4 sections with removable panels

Variable height


Low - high position (Ø100 mm casters)

31 cm – 83 cm

Electric backrest with elliptical autoregression


Electric thigh section


Foot section


Electric Trendelenburg

+/- 14°




24 volts

Remote control

Hand pendant control 5 functions (selective lock)

Side rails

4 split side rails

Manual CPR handles


Electrical CPR


Corner bumpers and accessory holders


Sockets for lifting poles


Lateral accessory holders


Patient restraint attachment points



8x Ø100 mm with central braking

Head and foot boards

Moulded removable

Support for foot board


Automatic backrest pause

30° and 45°

Automatic chair position


Automatic braking in low position


Bed height memorisation


Bed low position alert


Wall protecting buffer


Front egress position


Ensure Consistent Care

This bed shares a common platform with the range of MMO hospital beds to meet all the falls management and patient handling needs of today’s healthcare facilities.




*Based on the number of functions which are shared across the range of MMO beds.
**Based on the number of parts shared by the main sub-assemblies of the MMO bed range: backrest, thigh section, base frame, sleep deck frame, side rails (excluding accessories)

Laminates – melamine, Wood stain colors, Coated fabrics, Epoxy paint.
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