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Textile maintenance

Daily simple maintenance of the cover: wash with a sponge and soapy water, rinse with clear water, dry well., Do not iron, Drum drying allowed, moderate temperature 60°C, No bleaching, Professional dry maintenance moderate cycle

Foam maintenance

Saturated steam cleaning without addition of formaldehyde, disinfectant or soapy water. Leave to air dry.


In machine at 95°C maximum, recommended at 60°C

Disinfection tips

Denatured alcohol 90%+2% Ether, HAC, Lyorthol, Réocid

Assembly - disassembly

Manual without tools

For model

MMO3000, MMO5000, SANA1200, SANA400, SANA800

Certifications - Standards

CRIB-5, Fireproof class M4

Product type



High Resilience foam, Pharmatex fabrics

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